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2008 NCAA Tennis Championships

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#4 seed Georgia def. #1 seed Virginia, 4-3
Monday, May 19, 2008
1.#1 Somdev Devvarman/Treat Huey (V) def. #17 Jamie Hunt/Nate Schnugg (G)- 8-6
2.Dominic Inglot/Michael Shabaz (V) def. Luis Flores/Javier Garrapiz (G)- 9-7
3.Travis Helgeson/Christian Vitulli (G) def. Houston Barrick/Sanam Singh (V)- 8-5
1.#1 Somdev Devvarman (V) def. #4 Travis Helgeson (G)- 2-6, 6-3, 6-4
2.#15 Nate Schnugg (G) def. #28 Treat Huey (V)- 6-4, 6-2
3.#59 Luis Flores (G) def. #17 Dominic Inglot (V)- 6-2, 6-1
4.#38 Jamie Hunt (G) def. Sanam Singh (V)- 4-6, 6-3, 6-0
5.#121 Javier Garrapiz (G) def. Michael Shabaz (V)- 7-5, 6-3
6.Ted Angelinos (V) def. Christian Vitulli (G)- 4-6, 6-3, 6-2
Order of Finish: Doubles- 3, 1, 2 ; Singles- 3, 2, 5, 6, 1, 4

Georgia improved its season record to 26-3 . . . the Bulldogs will be looking for its second straight NCAA title, and its sixth in school history . . . this is the second straight year that Georgia defeated Virginia in the semifinals, as last year's score was 4-1 . . . the Bulldogs improved its series record against Virginia to 14-0 . . . the Cavaliers suffered its first loss of the season, ending the year at 32-1 . . . it is reminiscent of the last time the national championship was played in Tulsa in 2004, as undefeated No. 1 Illinois lost to UCLA in the semifinals, ending the season with a 32-1 record . . . the nation's No.1-ranked Somdev Devvarman, now 38-1 on the season, avenged his only loss of the year with a victory over Georgia's Travis Helgeson, as both of those matches were played at Tulsa's Michael D. Case Tennis Center . . . his loss to Helgeson came in the semifinals of the Polo All-American on October 7th.

Texas will meet Georgia in the national championship, the second meeting this year between the two teams as the Bulldogs won the first 4-2 in the ITA National Indoors . . . Georgia leads the overall series against Texas 14-3 . . . Texas makes its first NCAA Championship match appearance, while Georgia is making its 13th appearance . . . the Bulldogs will look to repeat as national champions . . . Georgia has never won back-to-back titles, but had two chances to do so.


Georgia Head Coach Manny Diaz
Talk about having the opportunity to repeat as national champions...
"We're just very humbled for this opportunity. I really feel for the Virginia squad right now, only because we've been there not so long ago. I know that people can forget quickly forget what a great year they've had, and what a great bunch of competitors they have. What they've done has been outstanding. I'm excited about our guys. I knew it would be a tough battle, Even with losing the doubles point I just felt that there was something special about them closing. I don't mean that in a boastful way. I just thought we'd have a more than fair chance to make something great happen."

Talk about how strange it was with the silence at the end of the No. 4 match with Virginia's Sanam Singh cramping...
"It reminded me of the early 1990s, when we were playing at home in the semifinals in front of 4,000 people, had a match in our hands to move on to the championship round, and Eddie Jakes went into a total, absolute full body cramp. He played the entire third set like that. I'm not sure he was even able to finish it, but he sure fought for a long time. I know how painful that was for all their kids and hard for their coaching staff to watch. It really wasn't that one, it was Shabaz as well."

"I'm grateful to our guys for the hard work they've put in. Conditioning played an important part in this match, Our guys have paid the price and they showed some heart out their tonight."

Can you talk about the match-up with Texas?
"We played them at the national indoors in the quarterfinals. It was one heck of a match. It was a great battle. They have a very deep and talented squad. They're just playing outstanding tennis right now. I remember thinking to myself and discussing with my assistant after we lost to Ohio State I actually told him that I think Texas is a better team than Ohio State. I'm not too surprised. They're athletic. They're deep and talented and worthy of being in the finals."

Georgia Player Travis Helgeson
Talk about defending your national championship...
"Easier said than done, just getting through today was pretty tough. Losing the doubles point we knew we were going to grind, but we also knew we could challenge them at every spot and I think that's what we did today. They are an unbelievable team, they have shown it all year, from No. 1 to 6. They compete hard and so it was a challenge today, but it was exciting to be able to step up to the challenge and come out with a victory."

Georgia Player Jamie Hunt
Talk about clinching the match and does it take away from the match because your opponent was cramping...
"It takes a little bit away from it. I really wanted to play it when we were both 100 percent, because that would have been an unbelievable match, 3-all, it would have been so much fun. It's tough playing when he (Sanam Singh) was cramping like that, but I am just so proud of everyone of our guys stepping up. I am just looking forward to tomorrow."

Virginia Head Coach Brian Boland
On the match... "I thought it was a great match. It didn't end the way we would ever have expected it to, the fourth-year seniors, they are just so unbelievable. They've given us the best four years in terms of a class that I've ever had. The guy setting to my right here, Somdev Devvarmann, can't say enough good things about him as a player, but even more so as a person and what he's brought to the program. The same goes for Teddy Angelinos and Treat Hughey, just incredibly special people."

"I feel bad for them, but in terms of the match, we left it out there and it was a little unfortunate that it had to end the way it did. I feel badly for Sanam [Singh], but that's college athletics. This is when young men build character and this is a chance for him to go through a tough time and hopefully he becomes a better person from it all. Surely the rest of the team learns from something like this."

"I always tell the guys, and I have every year, that you only learn about people when times are tough. We've had it pretty good being 32-0, few bumps in the road like everybody. This is tough to swallow and we'll see what Virginia is made of as we move forward, particularly that young man Sanam Singh. For anyone that knows him, this is very painful for him. I'm speechless. He is one of the finest young men you'll ever meet and I know this is very difficult for him. We'll see how tough he is I guess."

Virginia Player Somdev Devvarmann
On the season... "Our record speaks for itself. We've had a pretty special year. This is obviously not how we wanted it to end, but this is how it is. Regardless, we've had a very good year. I would have liked to played another day, because I have confidence in the guys that we knew we had beaten both of them before. It's just unfortunate for us, but like coach said you can't take away anything that we have achieved this season, we've had a good season. Losing doesn't define a person, we're still a great team and we're still good people."

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