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Convos with the 'Cane: Mariah Turner

Mariah Turner
Mariah Turner
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July 3, 2012

Tulsa, Okla. -

The Tulsa women's basketball team will be writing a weekly blog. Each week a different player will give the TU fans insight into their life. Check the blog each week to stay up-to-date with the Hurricane women's basketball team.

A Few Days in the Life of Mariah Turner

Monday: I started my week with getting up at 5:00 A.M. to lift weights with my teammates. We have weights at this time every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Now..... I am definitely not a morning girl, but I have been getting used to it. It helps a lot to have your teammates in the weight room cheering you on and making sure you strive through all of your workouts. My ritual after workouts is to hop in the shower while listening to 106.1 on the radio. I then go back to sleep until my 10:00 A.M. class. After class, I head straight to treatment for an hour. I then grab myself a little lunch and then off to study hall. I try to shoot for about an hour before we play pick up. Pick up is always one of the best things about being a basketball athlete. You just get to have fun and show your skills against the opposing team. All the girls have fun with it. It is a chance to play with our coaches not around, and we can bond as a team.

Tuesday: It was a really hot day. I'm pretty sure I did not leave my apartment except when I went to class and study hall. Because of the heat, I watched a few missed episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms. I then ATTEMPTED to clean my room, but that didn't work out that well for me (haha). My roommate, Kadan, and I hung out with some of the freshman girls later that day and then we turned in early for the night!!

Wednesday: Our morning workouts were a great success!! Everyone cheered each other on to reach our goals. We played pick up early that day due to one of our player's schedule. When Kadan and I got back to the apartment, we hit a state of "what to do now." We decided to rent the movie 21 Jump Street and ate ice cream all day. Kadan decided to cook hamburger helper for dinner, but she forgot to buy the hamburger meat for the dinner. As a result, we ate grilled cheese instead.

Thursday: My crime class today was pretty low key. We watched a documentary over the way women are displayed in music videos. It was actually pretty interesting. After class I ran some errands and ate lunch. We have pick up today, and Kadan and I are going to stay and shoot after pick up gets done!!

In the end, I had a pretty good week with everyone.

GO TU!!!
Mariah Turner