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A Day in the Life of Ashley Hughes

Ashley Hughes
Ashley Hughes
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Aug. 5, 2014

Tulsa, Oklahoma - The Tulsa women's basketball team will be writing a weekly blog. Each week a different player will give the TU fans insight into one day or week in their life. Check the blog each week to stay up-to-date with the Hurricane women's basketball team.

A Day in the Life of Ashley Hughes

A typical summer Monday commences at 5:30 when my alarm politely informs me that the time to get up has arrived. Our team lifts and conditions Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6-7. Waking up is the worst, but once I'm awake life is great. After weights I go directly to the cafeteria for team breakfast. My dad is a morning person, so I call and talk to him for a while before I have class from 8:30-10:10.

Depending on what day it is I either have an individual workout at 10:45 with my position coach, or I can go back to my apartment and take a quick nap before studying or performing daily tasks. Between class and lunch, I try to spend 15-30 minutes in prayer and reflection, if not in the morning I go after dinner. Lunch is generally a quick sandwich or salad, and I head on to my human anatomy course from 1-4. At 4:15 the team plays pick-up; this generally lasts until about 5:30, and afterward I stick around to do some individual skill work.

By the time I get back to my apartment--I'm hungry! I enjoy buying my own food and cooking for myself; Greek yogurt, rice, and baby carrots are mainstays in my refrigerator. So after dinner and a shower, I can take a breather knowing the bulk of the day is done--but not all of it.

My next stop is the library for evening study time. So much learning in college is outside of the classroom, and summer courses are especially demanding because you learn a semester's worth of material in only 5 weeks! After a few solid hours during the evening, I head home.



On a good day, the lights go out at 11--but let's be realistic--I usually go to bed shortly after 12. While Tulsa summers are demanding, they are definitely worth it as our team prepares for success in the school year and season!