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2009 Conference USA Women's Golf Championship

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Day One Quotes - Monday - April 13, 2009

Tulsa Head Coach Randy Keck:
Talk about today's performance:
"We're obviously disappointed. We wanted to defend, especially playing on our home golf course. You can sugar coat it any way you want to, that was a poor performance. We played very poorly and didn't have a whole lot of heart today. We're really disappointed."

As the home team, does not playing yesterday affect the mindset of players?
"I definitely think it does. I think a lot of times playing at home puts a lot of added pressure on you. People expect you to play well at home and that's a lot of added pressure. You get so pumped up and you're ready to get out there and you don't. Then, today, our first five holes were devastatingly poor and maybe a little over anxious. It definitely played a factor."

Talk about Sarah Elliot's performance:
"Sarah's done a great job for us all year long. We laugh and joked about her. She begged to get to come to Tulsa, and we're so glad she's here. She's been one of the best surprises of the school year. She's done a great job all year long."

"Two things happened to Sarah today. One, she was very relaxed starting, and I think that has to do with the experience she's gained throughout the year. She's learning to slow down and relax a little bit more. Another thing, she has a little something extra. She's pretty tough mentally and physically, and that played into the first round this morning when the conditions were tough."

Talk about what you want to see from your team tomorrow:
"We want to see a strong performance tomorrow. We have to come out tomorrow and play the type of golf we're used to playing, and understand that the pressure is probably gone now that we're so far behind. We don't have anything to lose, so we can go out and make a bunch of birdies and hopefully end on a good note.

Tulsa Player and Second-Place Sarah Elliot:
Talk about your performance:
"Birdying the first hole gave me some juice going out. I knew the conditions were going to be tough. I just went out with the mindset of that I'm going to play my hardest and leave everything I have on the course. I tried my hardest to do that, and I think in the first round I achieved it. In the second round, I got a little emotional in the middle, but I tried to really hard to wrangle it back in at the end. I feel like my performance throughout the day was pretty strong."

Talk about the conditions:
"It definitely played a factor, in more of the iron shots. We would make decisions, then we may hit a squirter off to the right and then we would try really hard to make the next shot as best we could. We tried to deal with the conditions and stay tough throughout the whole round."

What do you need to do tomorrow as a team:
"Go out and have fun. Stay relaxed and try to make (hopefully not the last round of the season) the last round of the season as the best as we possible can."

Tulane Head Coach John Thomas Horton:
On playing in the cold, windy conditions today
"The conditions were tough. This is a really good golf course as it is, and a tough golf course. Playing the ball down and with the wet conditions and dormant grass, sometimes you get lies that aren't conducive to being able to get spin on the ball or get height on it. With hard greens and good wet, windy conditions, it's just going to be tough to control your ball flight and control the distance of your chips. So I think it gave everybody trouble on the greens. It's just one of those days where you just grind as hard as you can until you get done."

On playing two rounds in one day
"We've done it once this year, but in college events it's not abnormal to see a two-day event with 36 (holes) and 18 (holes). With the cold, windy conditions and the wet ground you get tired as the round goes along, but that's why these girls work out pretty regularly, and they're all in shape so they're used to it."

On how he feels about his team's position entering the final round
"You always like leading a tournament. Anybody that says they don't like leading a tournament is crazy. I think we're paired with some good teams tomorrow, and I like where we're standing. I think everybody wishes they could've played a little bit better, including us. But we'll prepare tonight and rebound and get our mindset right, and come out and do the best we can and see what happens."

On what his team needs to do tomorrow to stay ahead
"We need to play consistent. We need to control where our misses are, and play the par-5's a little bit better tomorrow than we did today. More than anything else, we need to know where our misses are and give ourselves the best opportunity to shoot a good score. That's what we're going to try to do tomorrow - just constantly put ourselves in good position to get good looks at birdies."

Tulane Player and Individual Leader Daniela Holmqvist:
On how she feels she played today
"I had a lot of good opportunities. I think I was minus-3 the first round and then I messed up a little (in the second round), but it happens. I played well today, I really did. I can't ask for more than that."

On playing in the cold wet conditions
"It was mentally tough, but I feel like we do a lot of practice and workouts to prepare for this, and make us tougher. I'm used to practicing in the cold back home in Sweden. You just have to accept it and do your best. You can't really change it, so it's better to stay positive and just play."