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Tulsa Medals Four Boats at the Knecht Cup

Kaitlyn Schneider, Lindsay Crute, Patrizia Perazzo, McKenna Jarvis and Mary Kowalchyk raced the Lightweight 4+ to a gold medal time of 7:53.45.
Kaitlyn Schneider, Lindsay Crute, Patrizia Perazzo, McKenna Jarvis and Mary Kowalchyk raced the Lightweight 4+ to a gold medal time of 7:53.45.
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April 13, 2014

West Windsor Township, N.J. - The Tulsa rowers advanced all seven boats to the Finals and four boats went on to win medals at the Knecht Cup on Mercer Lake in West Windsor Township, N.J. The Lightweight 4+ captured the gold medal, while the Varsity 4+ and Novice 4+ boats picked up silver medals, and the Second Varsity 4+ earned a bronze medal.

"We have to be very proud of the way we raced this weekend," Head Coach Kevin Harris said. "I am happy to see the way this team attacked the regatta. They were confident, and had great attitudes and work ethic. We sent seven boats to the finals and four of those boats are coming home with medals. We saw great things from the team this weekend and I can't be anything but pleased."

Kaitlyn Schneider, Lindsay Crute, Patrizia Perazzo, McKenna Jarvis and Mary Kowalchyk raced the Lightweight 4+ to a gold medal time of 7:53.45, over two seconds faster than Lafayette which earned the silver medal. TU also topped Bucknell, MIT and Princeton in the event.

"The Lightweight 4+ really took command of the race from the 1000-meter mark and pushed out on the rest of the field," Harris said.

In the Varsity 4+, the Golden Hurricane boat consisting of Betsy Govig, Ashley Lane, Amy Nelson, Jerusha Blankenship and Carly Schmidt, finished less than eight-tenths of a second behind UMass for second place. UMass posted a top mark of 7:44.09, while TU was over the finish line in a time of 7:44.86. Tulsa finished ahead of Boston College, Central Florida, Buffalo and George Mason.



"The Varsity 4+ was unsure of themselves last week but they have grown in confidence and earned a silver medal," Harris said. "The boat was fourth in the last 500-meters so they picked up the margin in the last 500 meters in the race and it takes a lot of fortitude to do that. It is nice to see the boat step up and go after it to finish second."

The Novice 4+, which featured Ellen Eisenhour, Lauren Turner, Sarah Palilionis, Brittany Hatt and Adrianna Catalanotto, turned in a second-place time of 8:17.02 behind SMU's time of 8:15.84. The Hurricane captured a faster time than Bowdoin, George Mason, UMass and Temple.

Anna Cannone, Maile Seto, Allison Kiefer, Hannah Emnett and Rachel Perry tallied a third-place time of 7:55.49 in the Second Varsity 4+, trailing Boston College (7:46.01) and UCF (7:53.74), but topping Buffalo, George Mason and UMass.

"Obviously the Fours were the shining stars this weekend as all four pushed into the top three and earned medals," Harris said. "It is nice to see we have the second half of the program and the depth to the program racing well, which will make all the boats faster toward the end of the season."

The Varsity 8+ earned a fifth-place time of 6:53.07, trailing UMass (6:47.65), Bucknell (6:49.88), Old Dominion (6:50.75) and Boston College (6:52.07), but ahead of Drexel (6:54.26).

The Second Varsity 8+ also posted a fifth-place finish, while the Lightweight 8+ was sixth overall.

"Of course we are disappointed we didn't medal any Eights, but we will regroup and get ready for the Lawless Cup against SMU and Creighton next weekend," Harris said.

Tulsa will return to action on Saturday, April 19th as the Hurricane hosts the Lawless Cup.

Varsity 4+ Grand Final
1. UMass - 7:44.09
2. Tulsa - 7:44.86
3. Boston College - 7:45.79
4. Central Florida - 7:46.58
5. Buffalo - 7:54.91
6. George Mason - 8:02.74

Varsity 4+ Betsy Govig Ashley Lane Amy Nelson Jerusha Blankenship Carly Schmidt

Second Varsity 4+ Grand Final 1. Boston College - 7:46.01 2. Central Florida - 7:53.74 3. Tulsa - 7:55.49 4. Buffalo - 8:03.79 5. George Mason - 8:04.28 6. UMass - 8:12.34

Second Varsity 4+ Anna Cannone Maile Seto Allison Kiefer Hannah Emnett Rachel Perry

Novice 4+ Grand Final 1. SMU - 8:15.84 2. Tulsa - 8:17.02 3. Bowdoin `A' - 8:19.46 4. George Mason - 8:20.56 5. UMass `B' - 8:35.96 6. Temple - 8:41.07

Novice 4+ Ellen Eisenhour Lauren Turner Sarah Palilionis Brittany Hatt Adrianna Catalanotto

Lightweight 4+ Grand Final 1. Tulsa - 7:53.45 2. Lafayette - 7:55.64 3. Bucknell - 7:58.66 4. MIT `A' - 8:01.30 5. MIT `B' - 8:01.31 6. Princeton `A' - 8:01.71

Lightweight 4+ Kaitlyn Schneider Lindsay Crute Patrizia Perazzo McKenna Jarvis Mary Kowalchyk

Varsity 8+ Grand Final 1. UMass - 6:47.65 2. Bucknell - 6:49.88 3. Old Dominion - 6:50.75 4. Boston College - 6:52.07 5. Tulsa - 6:53.07 6. Drexel - 6:54.26

Varsity 8+ Angela Metzler Sarah Ringler Emalia Seto Brooke Helmberger Renee Vanasse Emily Farrar Kaity Swinford Alana Bobka Colleen Wohlrab

Second Varsity 8+ Grand Final 1. Boston College - 6:48.94 2. Bucknell - 6:50.89 3. Fordham - 6:52.34 4. Drexel - 6:54.65 5. Tulsa - 6:55.79 6. Wisconsin LW - 6:58.08

Second Varsity 8+ Marcia Vidaurri Maria Gearing Skylar Luttjehuizen Phoebe Mulligan Jennifer Casson Lauren Simpson Sam Tober Maile Seto Melissa Urquhart

Lightweight 8+ Grand Final 1. Princeton - 6:53.21 2. Boston `A' - 6:54.88 3. Wisconsin - 6:56.62 4. Bucknell - 6:56.63 5. MIT `A' - 7:04.10 6. Tulsa - 7:07.28

Lightweight 8+ Kaitlyn Schneider Emalia Seto Jamie Roloff Colleen Wohlrab Marissa Catalanotto Jessica LeafMeeker Emily Loudenback Lindsay Crute Abigail Elggren

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