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Tulsa Captures Four Top Finishes and Wins Sixth Annual Lawless Cup on Saturday

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The J. Bird Sr. Shell Nest

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April 21, 2012

Tulsa, Oklahoma -

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The Tulsa rowing team captured top finishes in all four events, including a victory in the title race, the Varsity 8+, at the Sixth Annual Lawless Cup at the J. Bird Sr. Shell Nest in Catoosa, Okla. The race course was 1,250 meters in length.

"It was really a great day," Head Coach Kevin Harris said. "SMU has been getting a lot faster and so we knew we had to come out and race as best as we possibly could. The weather cooperated and we had a lot of great fans out here cheering us on. Now we get to celebrate, honor the 18 seniors and spend time with our fans."

In the first race of the day, Tulsa's Second Varsity 8+ recorded a top finish with a time of 5:27.79, more than one length over SMU, which tallied a time of 5:34.98. The Hurricane Lightweight 8+, which is ranked ninth nationally by USRowing.com, turned in a time of 5:44.96 for third place.

"It was good to see the Second Varsity 8+ really go out and race as well as they could," Harris said. "The lightweight's also did a good job in pushing the open-weight 2V8 from SMU."

TU's Varsity 4+ `A' then dominated in their race, posting a time of 6:11.42, followed by TU's Varsity 4+ `B' at 6:36.34 and SMU with a time of 7:42.80. The `A' boat recorded the largest margin of victory on the day with a 25-second lead over the Mustangs.

"We raced the Varsity 4+ lineup last weekend and they had good racing, but we are still trying to refine that boat," Harris said. "There is more speed in that boat than we even saw today. The fact that they got out, controlled the race, rowed their race plan, stay contained and got even better in the second half of the race was great."

In the third event of the morning, the Golden Hurricane claimed the Lawless Cup with a top finish in the Varsity 8+ in a time of 5:12.24. SMU was 17 seconds back with a time of 5:29.54.

"All the races are important because we need all of our rowers to perform well for our Varsity 8+ to do well, but the Varsity 8+ sets the stage," Harris said. "We can't win a conference championship unless the Varsity 8+ is the premier boat. We had a couple rough practices this week, but they handled this race well and earned the win."

The Novice 4+ race was the final event of the day and the TU team once again earned a victory as the Tulsa `A' boat posted a time of 6:15.24, followed by SMU with a time of 6:22.30 and the Tulsa `B' boat in third place at 6:49.37.

"This was the first time we put these lineups together in the Novice 4+ and let them get out and row as a class," Harris said. "It was a lot of fun to watch these women take on the race and really help set the stage for the years to come."

The Tulsa rowers will continue racing in two separate regattas, including the Conference USA Championship in Oak Ridge, Tenn., on May 11th, while the Lightweight 8+ will race at the Dad Vail Regatta on May 11th and 12th in Philadelphia, Pa.

Novice 4+
1. Tulsa `A' - 6:15.24
2. SMU - 6:22.30
3. Tulsa `B' - 6:49.37

Open/Novice 4+ `A' Angela Metzler Jamie Roloff Allison Kiefer Amanda Ames Amy Richardson

Open/Novice 4+ `B' Abigail Gorman Colleen Wohlrab Patrizia Perazzo Rosie McCarthy Lauren Mann

Varsity 4+ 1. Tulsa `A' - 6:11.42 2. Tulsa `B' - 6:36.34 3. SMU - 7:42.80

Varsity 4+ `A' Elissa Stiles Kelly Hill Meredith Papps Zoe Fleischmann Jourdan Kondrat

Varsity 4+ `B' Megan Melott Alaina Ferraro Kelsey Kean Rachel Buchanan Becca Bratcher

Varsity 8+ 1. Tulsa - 5:12.24 2. SMU - 5:29.54

Varsity 8+ Dana Urbanek Allyson Brooks Amanda Schenk Amy Nelson Renee Vanasse Emory Cate Arielle Tillou Stephanie Rogers Jessica Fosdyck

Second Varsity 8+ 1. Tulsa - 5:27.79 2. SMU - 5:34.98 3. Tulsa Lightweight 8+ - 5:44.96

Second Varsity 8+ Natalie Hall Melissa Urquhart Megan Fitzpatrick Amanda Urquhart Brooke Helmberger Katie Holtvogt Emily Wynn Carly Schmidt Alexandra Guth

Lightweight 8+ Abigail Gorman Jamie Roloff Molly Selig Colleen Wohlrab Lauren Mann Puja Sztorc Rosie McCarthy Amy Richardson Catharine Brierre



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