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Tulsa Rowers Win Five of Six Races Against Creighton

The Tulsa rowers won five of six races against Creighton
The Tulsa rowers won five of six races against Creighton
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April 27, 2013

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Tulsa, Okla. - The Tulsa rowers won five of six races against Creighton in a duel on Saturday morning at the J. Bird Sr. Shell Nest in Catoosa, Okla.

"It is always great when Creighton is able to come down, and our last home regatta of the season is also always special because we get to honor our seniors," Head Coach Kevin Harris said. "Creighton is such a good team and they are working so hard, so to get a win over them today was special for us. We've been working really hard to make sure that this was a good showing for Tulsa. As we get ready for the Conference USA Championship, we saw some things today that we need to work on, including our blade work and our work in the third 500 in the Varsity 8+, but we'll get back to work and prepare for the final regattas of the season."

In the first race of the morning, Tulsa's Varsity 8+ turned in a time of 7:07.17 and had four boat lengths of open water before Creighton crossed the finish line with a time of 7:26.37.

The second race featured TU's Lightweight 8+, which claimed the first-place time of 7:26.29, followed by the Hurricane's Second Varsity 8+ in a time of 7:32.89. Creighton's 2V8+ was third with a time of 7:38.09.

Tulsa's Varsity 4+ dominated in their race, posting a time of 8:29.64, more than 30-seconds faster than the Bluejays' time of 9:00.94.

Creighton won their first and only race of the day in the Third Varsity 4+, recording a time of 9:20.40, while TU was four seconds back with a time of 9:24.3.

The Hurricane's Second Varsity 4+ and Lightweight 4+ took on Creighton's 2V4+ in the fifth race. TU's 2V4+ took first with a time of 8:34.8, 25-seconds ahead of the LW4+ (8:59.9) and 42 seconds in front of Creighton (9:16.4).

The Novice 8+'s competed in the final race of the day with the Hurricane turning in a time of 8:35.69, 15 seconds faster than Creighton (8:50.32).

"Our Lightweights did magnificently today, and we tried some different combinations in our Fours, and they did really well too," Harris said. "Creighton won the Third Varsity 4+, so kudos to them, and overall it was just a really good solid day of racing."

After the regatta, TU honored seniors Allyson Brooks, Megan Fitzpatrick, Rosie McCarthy, Megan Melott-Elliott, Meredith Papps, Amanda Schenk, Molly Selig and Puja Sztorc at the boathouse.

Tulsa will return to action at the Dad Vail Regatta on May 10-11 in Philadelphia, Pa.

Varsity 4+
1. Tulsa - 8:29.64
2. Creighton - 9:00.94

Varsity 4+ Helen Char Puja Sztorc Amanda Ames Rachel Perry Liz Akin

Lightweight 4+/2nd Varsity 4+ 1. Tulsa 2V4+ - 8:34.8 2. Tulsa LW4+ - 8:59.9 3. Creighton - 9:16.4

Lightweight 4+ Angela Metzler Patrizia Perazzo Lauren Mann Lauren Delucchi Jasmine McGill

Second Varsity 4+ Betsy Govig Emily Farrar Sam Tober Jerusha Blankenship Hannah Emnett

Third Varsity 4+ 1. Creighton - 9:20.40 2. Tulsa Novice - 9:24.3

Third Varsity 4+ Kaitlyn Schneider Leah Suleski Elaine Schillinger Sarah Ward Madison Crane

Varsity 8+ 1. Tulsa - 7:07.17 2. Creighton - 7:26.37

Varsity 8+ Rosie McCarthy Allyson Brooks Amanda Schenk Amy Nelson Renee Vanasse Brooke Helmberger Zoe Fleischmann Ashley Lane Carly Schmidt

Lightweight 8+/2nd Varsity 8+ 1. Tulsa Lightweight 8+ - 7:26.29 2. Tulsa 2nd Varsity 8+ - 7:32.89 3. Creighton - 7:38.09

Second Varsity 8+ Betsy Govig Melissa Urquhart Hannah Emnett Emily Farrar Sam Tober Jerusha Blankenship Megan Fitzpatrick Allison Kiefer Meredith Papps

Lightweight 8+ Megan Melott-Elliott Sarah Ringler Emalia Seto Marissa Catalanotto Colleen Wohlrab Jamie Roloff Amy Richardson Emily Loudenback Molly Selig

Novice 8+ 1. Tulsa - 8:35.69 2. Creighton - 8:50.32

Novice 8+ Kaitlyn Schneider Sarah Ringler Emalia Seto Marissa Catalanotto Rachel Perry Leah Suleski Sarah Ward Madison Crane Elaine Schillinger



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