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Tulsa Rowers Conclude UCF Invitational on Sunday

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April 27, 2014

Orlando, Fla. - The Tulsa rowers concluded action in the UCF Invitational on Sunday morning on Lake Pickett in Orlando, Fla.

TU's 3rd Varsity 8+ earned a top finish with a time of 7:27.01, 13-seconds faster than UCF (7:40.84) and nearly 30-seconds faster than Old Dominion (7:56.72).

"The Lightweight 8+ is racing as the 3V8 this weekend and they have done exceptionally well," Head Coach Kevin Harris said. "UCF is a deep team and the whole program is rowing really well. We lost to the same boat yesterday so it was nice for us to come back and get the win today."

In the Varsity 4+, the Golden Hurricane finished second, posting a time of 8:22.78. Tulsa trailed UCF (8:19.84), but defeated Old Dominion (8:32.25) and Miami (9:01.99). TU also finished second behind UCF in the 2nd Varsity 4+ with times of 8:21.82 and 8:39.25.

"It was good to see our Varsity 4+ finish out the regatta like that," Harris said. "They raced well. In the 2V4 it was also a solid race, but they just weren't fast enough. We've been trying a lot of lineup changes this weekend to try to find our speed."

Tulsa posted a second-place time of 7:26.72 in the 2nd Varsity 8+ behind Miami (7:16.72), while the Hurricane finished faster than UCF (7:29.78) and Old Dominion (7:31.45).

"The 2nd Varsity 8+ did everything we asked of them this weekend," Harris said. "They raced hard and it is good to get a win over Old Dominion and UCF because it sets us up well in the C-USA Championship."

In the Varsity 8+ race, Miami finished first with a time of 7:08.15, Old Dominion was second (7:11.57), Tulsa was third (7:14.43) and UCF was fourth (7:15.79).

"The Varsity 8+ came off the line first and were ahead for the first 200 meters, but then everyone closed down on each other," Harris said. "In the middle 700 meters it was anyone's race, which teaches us that if we have a faster group of teams we will have tighter races. It was the perfect race to help prepare us for conference."



Tulsa will return to action on Saturday, May 17th at the Conference USA Championship in Oak Ridge, Tenn.  
Varsity 4+
1. UCF - 8:19.84
2. Tulsa - 8:22.78
3. Old Dominion - 8:32.25
4. Miami - 9:01.99

Varsity 4+ Betsy Govig Ashley Lane Amy Nelson Jerusha Blankenship Carly Schmidt

2nd Varsity 4+ 1. UCF - 8:21.82 2. Tulsa - 8:39.25

2nd Varsity 4+ Kaitlyn Schneider Emily Loudenback Rachel Perry Adrianna Catalanotto Allison Kiefer

Varsity 8+ 1. Miami - 7:08.15 2. Old Dominion - 7:11.57 3. Tulsa - 7:14.43 4. UCF - 7:15.79

Varsity 8+ Marcia Vidaurri Sarah Ringler Emalia Seto Brooke Helmberger Renee Vanasse Emily Farrar Kaity Swinford Alana Bobka Colleen Wohlrab

2nd Varsity 8+ 1. Miami - 7:16.72 2. Tulsa - 7:26.72 3. UCF - 7:29.78 4. Old Dominion - 7:31.45

2nd Varsity 8+ Anna Cannone Maria Gearing Jennifer Casson Lauren Simpson Melissa Urquhart Sam Tober Phoebe Mulligan Skylar Luttjehuizen Maile Seto

3rd Varsity 8+ 1. Tulsa - 7:27.01 2. UCF - 7:40.84 3. Old Dominion - 7:56.72

3rd Varsity 8+ Angela Metzler Jamie Roloff Lindsay Crute Marissa Catalanotto Jessica LeafMeeker Patrizia Perazzo McKenna Jarvis Abigail Elggren Mary Kowalchyk

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