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Tulsa Rowers Finish Ninth at Conference USA Championship

The Tulsa rowers finished ninth overall at the Conference USA Rowing Championship on Saturday on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
The Tulsa rowers finished ninth overall at the Conference USA Rowing Championship on Saturday on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
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May 18, 2013

Oak Ridge, Tenn. -

The Tulsa rowers finished ninth overall at the Conference USA Rowing Championship on Saturday on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

"The racing was great," Head Coach Kevin Harris said. "We didn't quite hit our goal of getting all three boats in the Grand Final, but you can't get a whole lot closer than two-tenths of a second in the Varsity 8+. I feel like the team really stepped up. We had our shot, but it just didn't fall our way today. I think we are in a really good place. It is obvious that the competition has stepped up greatly, and with as young of a team as we have, I feel really good about where we are headed."

TU's Varsity 8+ turned in a fourth-place time of 6:49.77 in the first race of the day, missing third place and a Grand Final spot by two-tenths of a second behind West Virginia. Tulsa then recorded a second-place Petite Final finish in a time of 6:50.61, just less than two seconds behind UCF.

In the Second Varsity 8+ the Hurricane posted a fifth-place mark with a time of 7:07.63 in the second heat and went on to finish third in the Petite Final with a time of 7:07.91.

Tulsa also claimed a fourth-place time of 7:48.44 in the second heat of the Varsity 4+ to advance to the Petite Final where the Hurricane finished third.

TU's Allyson Brooks, who was the stroke seat of the Varsity 8+, was named to the C-USA All-Tournament Team. She is a senior from Moorestown, N.J., and has been a part of the Varsity 8+ the last two seasons.

"I am really proud of Allyson," Harris said. "Her sister, Heather, also won the award in 2011 and she is here to watch her sister get the award today. It is tough to see such great women graduate from the program because they put so much into it. Allyson has really helped us step up our level of competition and we are really going to miss her."

Oklahoma won gold in the Second Varsity 8+ and Varsity 4+, while placing second in the Varsity 8+ behind Texas. The Lady Volunteers took home silver in the Second Varsity 8+ and Varsity 4+, and bronze in the Varsity 8+.

Texas place third in the team standings with a gold medal in the Varsity 8+, a fourth-place mark in the Second Varsity 8+ and a fifth-place finish in the Varsity 4+. Kansas placed fourth overall and Kansas State finished fifth. West Virginia, Old Dominion, UCF, Tulsa, Alabama and SMU rounded out the team scoring for the championship.

Varsity 8+ Heat 1
1. Oklahoma - 6:46.10
2. Kansas - 6:48.67
3. West Virginia - 6:49.53
4. Tulsa - 6:49.77
5. Old Dominion - 6:57.62

Varsity 8+ Petite Final 1. UCF - 6:48.74 2. Tulsa - 6:50.61 3. Old Dominion - 6:52.14 4. Alabama - 6:54.11 5. SMU - 6:56.66

Varsity 8+ Rosie McCarthy Allyson Brooks Amanda Schenk Amy Nelson Renee Vanasse Brooke Helmberger Zoe Fleischmann Ashley Lane Carly Schmidt

Second Varsity 8+ Heat 2 1. Tennessee - 6:51.30 2. Kansas - 6:52.35 3. Old Dominion - 7:01.07 4. Alabama - 7:02.10 5. Tulsa - 7:07.63 6. SMU - 7:41.00

Second Varsity 8+ Petite Final 1. Kansas State - 7:03.37 2. UCF - 7:04.76 3. Tulsa - 7:07.91 4. Alabama - 7:09.04 5. SMU - 7:41.17

Second Varsity 8+ Betsy Govig Emily Farrar Melissa Urquhart Sam Tober Puja Sztorc Amanda Ames Liz Akin Megan Fitzpatrick Meredith Papps

Varsity 4+ Heat 2 1. Kansas State - 7:40.90 2. Texas - 7:43.99 3. Old Dominion - 7:44.86 4. Tulsa - 7:48.44 5. SMU - 7:52.04 6. West Virginia - 7:59.62

Varsity 4+ Petite Final 1. SMU - 7:52.29 2. Alabama - 7:56.47 3. Tulsa - 7:58.59 4. UCF - 7:59.05 5. West Virginia - 7:59.88

Varsity 4+ Helen Char Jerusha Blankenship Rachel Perry Leah Suleski Allison Kiefer



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