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Tulsa's Lightweight 8+ Earns Top Mark at Head of the Hooch

All eight boats were in the top-15 in Saturday's races at the Head of the Hooch Regatta.
All eight boats were in the top-15 in Saturday's races at the Head of the Hooch Regatta.
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Nov. 5, 2011

Chattanooga, Tenn. - Tulsa's Lightweight 8+ turned in a top finish and all eight boats were in the top-15 in Saturday's races at the Head of the Hooch Regatta on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tenn.

"We had a lot of fun today," Head Coach Kevin Harris said. "I love that this team is having a lot of fun, but working and racing hard. We are as fast as we've been as a team in my time here and it is a really good team. We are all enjoying this group and it is great to see them reach new heights."

The Lightweight 8+ posted a time of 16:53.3, over 30 seconds faster than second-place Clemson, while the Lightweight 4+ was second with a time of 18:42.6 in a field of 12 boats.

"It was a good fall race for the Lightweight 8+," Lightweight coach Rodney Mott said. "We are young and still building so it was very good to get a win. We hadn't rowed against these crews before so it was an unknown, but we set out to race our own race and we did that today and had a good result."

The Championship 4+ `A' turned in a third-place time of 17:56.7, while the TU `B' boat was 50 seconds behind in 15th place in a field of 28 boats. Also in a Four, the Novice team finished fourth in a field of 34 boats with a time of 20:35.4.

The Hurricane's Championship 8+ `A' had a seventh-place time of 16:36.2, and the `B' boat was 14th with a time of 16:51.0. There were 26 boats that competed in the event.

"It was great to take this young group, to race aggressively and to come out the way they did," Harris said. "It shows how much potential they have. There are some fast groups here and there are a lot of us fighting to get that fast, but we've showed some great results against our fellow Conference USA members. I can't be more proud of these guys."

Tulsa will return to action tomorrow at the Head of the Hooch, racing in the Lightweight 1x, Open 2- and Open 8+.



Lightweight 4+ 
1. Old Dominion - 18:24.1
2. Tulsa `A' - 18:42.6
3. Orlando - 19:18.2
5. Tulsa `B' - 19:52.8

Lightweight 4+ `A' Abigail Gorman Puja Sztorc Jamie Roloff Colleen Wohlrab Danielle Bertossa

Lightweight 4+ `B' Elissa Stiles Alexandra Guth Molly Selig Rosie McCarthy Amy Richardson

Novice 4+ 1. Oklahoma City - 19:44.9 2. Texas - 20:02.5 3. FSU Club - 20:08.5 4. Tulsa - 20:35.4

Novice 4+ Diana Cortes Melissa Urquhart Amanda Ames Anna Proffitt Patrizia Perazzo

Championship 4+ 1. Tennessee - 17:50.5 2. Louisville - 17:51.1 3. Tulsa `A' - 17:56.7 15. Tulsa `B' - 18:46.6

Championship 4+ `A' Dana Urbanek Arielle Tillou Katie Holtvogt Jessica Fosdyck Stephanie Rogers

Championship 4+ `B' Natalie Hall Alaina Ferraro Amanda Urquhart Allyson Brooks Renee Vanasse

Lightweight 8+ 1. Tulsa - 16:53.3 2. Clemson - 17:28.1 3. Orlando Club - 19:09.9 4. Emory - 20:31.5

Lightweight 8+ Abigail Gorman Danielle Bertossa Colleen Wohlrab Puja Sztorc Jamie Roloff Molly Selig Alexandra Guth Amy Richardson Rosie McCarthy

Championship 8+ 1. Tennessee `A' - 16:04.2 2. Texas `A' - 16:04.4 3. Duke `A' - 16:15.4 7. Tulsa `A' - 16:36.2 14. Tulsa `B' - 16:51.0

Championship 8+ `A' Dana Urbanek Amanda Urquhart Alaina Ferraro Arielle Tillou Emory Cate Renee Vanasse Amy Nelson Katie Holtvogt Stephanie Rogers

Championship 8+ `B' Natalie Hall Allyson Brooks Meredith Papps Megan Fitzpatrick Amanda Schenk Kelly Hill Zoe Fleischmann Jessica Fosdyck Carly Schmidt

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