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Meredith Papps
Meredith Papps
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Feb. 17, 2011

Meredith Papps
Ontario, Canada

I remember when I first started talking to Coach Harris about the University of Tulsa. I was so excited that someone wanted me to row for them, but remember thinking, "Good one. I live in Ontario, yeah right am I going to school that far away. I can't even find the state of Oklahoma on a map!" But now when I go home to Canada, I proudly point out Tulsa on a map and assure people that yes, there really is water to row on in Oklahoma. And good water too! Some of the most beautiful mornings and afternoons are spent on the Verdigris River. It's those times when our team really bonds. How can you not when you ride a team bus (with the back of the bus singing karaoke on most days) out to the boathouse where we get to spend a few hours everyday doing what we love the most? Sure, there are days when pushing yourself to the limit isn't number one on your agenda, but it's those times when the heart of this team really shows. You are NEVER alone, and there is ALWAYS someone there to pick you up when things get tough. There are rarely days where I even remember how far away from home I am (okay, except for when the Winter Olympics were on!) because Tulsa is home to me now, and TU Women's Rowing is my family. Some would probably say that being in a sport as intense as rowing means you miss out on the "college experience", but I can't imagine spending my college experience doing anything else, anywhere else, with any other group of women. Besides, every team needs at least one token Canadian!



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