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March 11, 2011

Rowing Blog March 11 2011
Any Canadian rower could tell you about the five-month period from November to March. That means putting all that work in on the erg in preparation for 2k season. This being my first spring season as a TU rower, I am thrilled that I can wake up every morning with the possibility of doing some racing pieces on the water. Most of the time, the burning in our legs seems like enough to make us want to give it all up, but we have a bigger purpose. To rowers, racing a 2k at 100% effort is worth the work and the most incredible feeling we can achieve. I can hardly believe that I am here, in Tulsa, ready to jump into another racing season with the best team I could have ever imagined being a part of.

After an amazing fall season as a TU rower, I have nothing but confidence in the abilities of this team. Unlike my high school experience, where the seniors would never let you forget that you were a junior rower, I often forget that I am a freshman. Every time I show up to practice, I am reminded that we are all working towards a common goal. This goal holds us together and forces us to be competitive amongst each other while providing the support that gets me through every workout. The level of support and camaraderie of this team is something that no other team has. Thinking of my first two 2k tests at TU reminded me of this. When I'm sitting ready to pull the start sequence of my race, I am reminded of the 50 women ready to back me up from start to finish. Sure, there are days when full pressure does not sound all that fun, but seeing my teammates pouring everything they have into one piece reminds me that individual work is always contributing to the whole. I could not be more excited for our upcoming races. Racing is the main reason that I fell in love with rowing in the first place. Racing is the most exhilarating feeling because for every stroke you pull, you know that you have your teammates fighting with you. There is no better feeling than racing with women you trust, and knowing all that hard work will pay off in the end.



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