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Pause at the Release: Dad Vail

May 8, 2013

Pause at the Release is our periodic feature in which we highlight the perspective of one of our student-athletes. In these articles, the athletes share their personal experiences as part of the Golden Hurricane team with our wonderful supporters and community members. Here, you'll find the backstage story on TU Women's Rowing, told through the eyes of the athletes themselves. Check back often to see updates from more of your favorite rowers and coxswains.

Pause at the Release: Dad Vail

The Tulsa lightweight rowers are pumped to ace at the Dad Vail Regatta this weekend! See what they have to say about it!

Jamie Roloff - Sophomore
Every step the lightweights have taken this year has been a step forward. Why am I excited for Dad Vail Regatta? I am excited because this regatta is the ticket to our hopes and dreams, the IRA National Championship. One race, a collaboration of hours upon hours of effort will decide our fate. Our mindset has been so positive all year because of the growth of the team in not only size, but also vigor. We have grown from no eights, to one last year, to almost two this year. Next year we will be three eights deep. To me, it feels as though we are building an army, and we are racing for the highest rank. Nobody ever said it would be easy, but I think we are ready.

Lauren Mann - Junior
This race is where we test just how much we have excelled throughout our training this spring and where we can really prove ourselves as a crew. It's an opportunity to continue making the Tulsa Lightweights known in competition, and I am excited to see both boats rise to the occasion. This is definitely the year to become noticed. We made that happen at the Knecht Cup regatta in Cherry Hill and I think we can absolutely keep the momentum this weekend in Philadelphia.

Sarah Ringler - Freshman
Since I arrived on campus just 10 months ago, everything and everyday has been training us for one race. It's crazy to think that race is this Saturday. I love having the pressure to perform which is one reason I'm very excited to race at the Dad Vail. We all have been working insanely hard for this race so that we can hopefully get the chance to race again in Sacramento at the IRA. I also think it is going to be great to race in Philly. Since I am from California I have not had the opportunity to race this well-known course. It will be very neat to race on the course, especially at such a big regatta. This weekend is a big weekend for Tulsa and I'm just proud to be a part of the team and hopefully get our name out there.



Angela Metzler - Sophomore
I am insanely excited to have the opportunity to go out and surprise a lot of people at the Dad Vail Regatta this weekend. This is a monumental regatta and we are ready to throw-down everything we have in Philly. We have incredible support coming out from all of the families who will be cheering us on from the stands and back home in Tulsa. We couldn't ask for a better group of fans!

Molly Selig - Senior
It is hard to pin point just one reason as to why I am excited for the Dad Vail. To name a few, I am excited to execute all the hard training that we have taken on as a lightweight crew, there is no better way to see how your training has paid off than on race day. As a senior, I am excited to race on this course for the last time as a collegiate athlete. I will definitely be leaving it all on the water as we attempt and hopefully accomplish our goal of going to the IRA.

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