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Pause at the Release: It's Summertime

The Tulsa rowers have done many fun activities this summer, including hiking Turkey Mountain.
The Tulsa rowers have done many fun activities this summer, including hiking Turkey Mountain.
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June 13, 2012

Tulsa, Okla. - Pause at the Release is our periodic feature in which we highlight the perspective of one of our student-athletes. In these articles, the athletes share their personal experiences as part of the Golden Hurricane team with our wonderful supporters and community members. Here, you'll find the backstage story on TU Women's Rowing, told through the eyes of the athletes themselves. Check back often to see updates from more of your favorite rowers and coxswains.

It's Summertime!!
I am staying in Tulsa this summer so that I can take Calculus to keep up with my major, but also so that I can train with my teammates. Between using the tank, the weight room, the erg room and going to the boathouse, Tulsa is a great place to be to keep training while taking care of classes. I am also working as a lifeguard so that I can swim and have fun in the sun!
Rebecca Clark, Wichita, KS

Summer in Tulsa is quite different from my normal summers by the beach in New Jersey. Though we don't have the ocean in Oklahoma, I have been spending a lot of days by the pool with teammates and I'm taking a class in order to lighten my load in the next school year. Our weights coach, Cody Ellet, has also been really helpful in setting up workouts for us. Being able to use all of our facilities throughout the summer has been a huge benefit to my fitness! I head back to Jersey at the end of June but until then, I plan on keeping a pretty consistent schedule of class, workout and pool time. Not to mention hitting up the Sugar Shack for some delicious shaved ice to keep cool on hot days!
Megan Fitzpatrick, Absecon, NJ

I decided to stay in Tulsa for the summer in order to get some extra credits. I wanted to be able to experience a summer with my Tulsa friends and so far it's been a lot of fun! Being able to go on day trips and hanging by the pool all day has made this month feel like a mini vacation. Finding the motivation to work out in the summer is hard, but having teammates around who motivate me to get moving has been a huge bonus.
Carly Schmidt, St. Catharines, Ontario

This summer in Tulsa I am doing some research through the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) and the Chemistry Student Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP). These programs are a great way for undergraduate students to get research experience. When I am not in the lab, I am able to spend time with friends I wouldn't have otherwise seen during the summer months. I love being able to do fun workouts with my friends, like running in the mornings and doing the Insanity video workouts. In our free time we have found a lot of fun things to do around Tulsa like hiking Turkey Mountain, going on a Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory Tour, lounging by the pool, and making runs to the Sugar Shack to get snow cones.
Melissa Urquhart, Albany, NY



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