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June 22, 2011

team Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Wisconsin, MIT, Loyola and Tulsa - an interesting combination - was the field for our Lightweight 4+ at this year's Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships. Nobody gives the schools at the end of that list a second thought. This year was different.

At IRAs this year, the Lightweight 4+ went head to head with these teams down the course. Almost all of us had been there before; it was Heather's fourth trip, my third, and Puja and Molly's second. We thought we knew what to expect. Carla had never been to this regatta, but she was as prepared as the rest of us! We left Tulsa with high hopes and expectations. Unfortunately, things didn't work out exactly as we would have liked, but that is why this year's team motto was "Never Satisfied". Things change on race day, things that cannot be controlled; it is no use to dwell on these circumstances unless it motivates you to move forward, worker harder and come back stronger. Next year we will hopefully be back in our Lightweight 8+ and I know that our experience at IRAs this year has made Molly, Puja and I more motivated than ever! Carla and Heather helped us get this far and the only way we can repay them is beat what they accomplished. This fall we have an incoming class of about eight Lightweights and I hope they are ready because we have some business to take care of next June. I know that the freshman will bring fresh attitudes and different experiences, but at the end of the year, IRAs will be the goal and I do not plan on going out without a fight.

Along with a great racing weekend, we had our wonderful teammates: Rachel Buchanan, Arielle Tillou, Kelly Hill, Natalie Hall, Allyson Brooks, Megan Fitzpatrick, Amy Nelson, incoming freshman Jamie Roloff, Alumni Maria Wegner Johnson and son, Amari, that came to see our race! The things our team does never fails to amaze me. It is much more rewarding to come off the water and see familiar faces, win, lose or draw- our team will be there!



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