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Pause at the Release: Class of 2012

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Pause at the Release: Green Light

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Aug. 26, 2011

Pause at the Release is our periodic feature in which we highlight the perspective of one of our student-athletes. In these articles, the athletes share their personal experiences as part of the Golden Hurricane team with our wonderful supporters and community members. Here, you'll find the backstage story on TU Women's Rowing, told through the eyes of the athletes themselves. Check back often to see updates from more of your favorite rowers and coxswains.

The Class of 2012 Talks About the Year Ahead

"For my last year at TU I am looking forward to every new thing that this year brings. Each year is different and every year things change, improvements are made, and it's interesting to see that over the course of the year. This year, as a senior, I hope to be someone that our younger teammates can look up to and feel comfortable approaching with questions. I hope to have my best year. I'm just excited to see where we progress as a team and how we, as a class, leave the team for the next years." -Emily Wynn

"Time flies when you're having fun! It's exciting to see how far the team has come since our freshman year. I think the biggest thing our class has brought to the table is our sense of humor and the importance of having fun and loving what you do, and I hope that is something that sticks with the team." -Amanda Urquhart

"Going into senior year I am most looking forward to reaching new heights with the team and helping to leave the program at a higher level than when I started rowing. Rowing at The University of Tulsa gave me a real chance to grow and I am hoping that by the end of senior year my class will have given back that same growth to our program." -Emory Cate

"In my last year on the team, I hope to lead the underclassmen in the same way that the seniors led me when I was a freshman. I look forward to racing and seeing the speed that comes out of four years of hard work and dedication!" -Arielle Tillou, Team Co-Captain

"As an individual, I hope to have my best year here at The University of Tulsa. As a team, I hope we can become physically and mentally stronger, become faster, and closer on and off the water." -Jourdan Kondrat

"In my last year coxing at TU, I hope to bring home more medals and leave the team knowing that I made an impact on my teammates on and off the water. I want to accomplish the goal of placing higher in C-USA and setting a new level of competition for the years below me. I hope to see my future teammates accepting nothing but their best and having fun with every stroke or call they make!" -Dana Urbanek

"In my last year at TU, I am looking forward to continuing to make Tulsa an even better, faster and stronger team than the year before. I would like to leave the team with a constant desire to find ways to push Tulsa further on an individual and group level. My greatest expectation is that this team becomes C-USA champions, and continue to grow as a family." -Natalie Hall



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