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Pause at the Release: Recruiting

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Oct. 3, 2012

Tulsa, Okla. - Pause at the Release is our periodic feature in which we highlight the perspective of one of our student-athletes. In these articles, the athletes share their personal experiences as part of the Golden Hurricane team with our wonderful supporters and community members. Here, you'll find the backstage story on TU Women's Rowing, told through the eyes of the athletes themselves. Check back often to see updates from more of your favorite rowers and coxswains.

The current juniors on the team explain why hosting recruits is important to the future of the team and about their favorite things to show recruits while they are on their official visits.

Brooke Helmberger: Recruiting is important because it is an opportunity to bring girls to the team that will continue to make us faster. It is also a really great way to show people what Tulsa Women's Rowing is all about and why we are all so proud to be a part of this team. My favorite thing to do with recruits is to simply expose them to the team dynamic and introduce them to as many teammates as possible, because the interaction and support on our team is truly unique, and it defines the rowing program here at TU.

Amy Nelson: Recruiting is very important because it shows prospective student athletes what the school and the team are like in real life. You can read all about a school or a team and their standings, but you can't really get a feel for them without coming and seeing it for yourself. Visiting is the best way to see how you'll fit in with the team and if it really is for you. It also gives the current team members an opportunity to get to know the people that are going to become a part of their family.

Lauren Nehf: Recruiting is immensely important for our team. It is our chance to hand pick athletes from all areas and create our next class of top athletes. It allows the team and coaches to pick women that will not only get us faster in years to come, but women that will continue to represent the rowing team in a positive light.



Alexandra Guth: As with any sport, recruiting athletes is vital to the future of a team. To inspire prospective athletes to join a team, the coaches and current athletes have to work together to make the recruiting process an exciting, fun and informative experience. In my opinion, the best part of recruiting is that the athletes who come to visit get to see the team from both sides- once through the eyes of the coaches, and again through the eyes of the athletes themselves. It is a great opportunity to show the girls the kind of team we are, what we hope to become and how they can be a part of that. When I am hosting a recruit, I like to take them to some type of athletic event, like a football game, because it gives them an opportunity to interact with our team in a fun and laidback setting, as well as see our school's spirit and support for all different types of athletics. Plus it's always a blast to just hang out and watch some football!

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