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Rowing Spotlight

Pause at the Release is our periodic feature in which we highlight the perspective of one of our student-athletes. In these articles, the athletes share their personal experiences as part of the Golden Hurricane team with our wonderful supporters and community members. Here, you'll find the backstage story on TU Women's Rowing, told through the eyes of the athletes themselves. Check back often to see updates from more of your favorite rowers and coxswains.

Pause at the Release: Green Light

by Sophomore, Jenny Casson

The concept of being in the "green light" zone is one that is understood and valued by all those on The University of Tulsa rowing team. In order to be able to preform at your best and to do what we do every day, one must always maintain a positive mindset. Not only that, but to enjoy everyday and take each step in training must be done in a positive manor to excel in this sport. On The University of Tulsa rowing team, we believe that positivity is the best fuel for success. Through this mindset, we have already been able to make leaps and bounds as a team. Personally, I can think of at least two circumstances in which being "green light" is key in order to be successful, and have experienced this myself.

Firstly, throughout the year, the team undergoes three or four series of testing, more commonly known as RADAR. This RADAR consists of both aerobic and anaerobic tests, which each individual must do in order to show their fitness and strength. These are very challenging tests, and are not easily done. It would be impossible to be successful in these tests with a `red light' or negative mindset because it would inhibit you to breach your comfort zone and push yourself to the limit, after all, red light does mean stop, and green `go'. With this "GO" mindset, we as a team surprised ourselves throughout the year through our abilities to preform at levels we had not reached before both as a team and individually.

Secondly, in our competitions thus far, all boats have kept this mindset, which has help lead to our success and defeat of our competitors. Recently, when racing SMU, we were able to go, see, and concur our opponents, however doing so with grace and appreciating it as a blessing. When in a red light mindset, competition and traveling become a huge burden and you lock yourself in a state of unwillingness to compete and interact with the your opponents in a tactful manor. Our team does not believe in this, and as we continue to travel, no matter if we win or lose, we continue to smile and carry ourselves well in all circumstances (just another great features of the `green light' mindset).

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