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Tulsa Head Coach John Bargfeldt Quotes Following FAU Kick-Off Classic

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Feb. 9, 2014

Recap |  Box Score

On Sunday's win over Northern Illinois
"Today was kind of like most of the games that we had this weekend. We had trouble generating offense, but defense and pitching kept us in long enough that we were able to get a couple of runs. Aimee Creger came through with a couple of hits. That's kind of how the weekend went, pitching and defense carried us through while we were waiting for the bats to come alive."

On the very good pitching over the weekend
"(The pitchers) were outstanding. They did a great job of limiting a lot of the other team's opportunities to score. And when they did get opportunities to score, either the pitching or the defense came through. We got some key double plays, along with some key strikeouts."

On the weekend overall
"I think we played pretty well. Coming out of a 4-1 weekend, we're pretty happy with it. We looked at a lot of different players. We were able to accomplish that, and still go out and win. I think it's the first time we've been 4-1 on opening weekend in quite a while, if ever."

On the play of the offense
"I think the offense gets better the more you're able to see live pitching. We saw a lot of different types of pitchers this weekend. We saw crafty leftys, we saw pitchers that could move it in and out, that hit their spots pretty well. That made it a little bit tougher on hitter this weekend. Our pitchers did the same thing - they made it awfully tough on opponents' hitters as well. I think the more you play, the more swings you get in, you start to see the hitters kind of pick up. We're pretty pleased to get through a 4-1 weekend with several hitters we know have done very well in the past, haven't hit their stride yet."

On the play of the defense
"The only time that there were errors, was usually at the start of an inning, when there were no runners on base. We were able to snuff those out. I can't remember making an error where somebody was already on base. The defense really made plays when we needed them, and when we did make an error in the inning, we had enough time to pick up wiggle out of it."