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2015 Softball Season-In-Review


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April 27, 2014

Recap |  Box Score

On Sunday's victory
"It's important to come out and take care of business. One of my goals for today was to get some innings for Caitlin Sill, who hasn't been pitching that many innings lately. When you don't pitch a lot of innings, you maybe lose your timing a little bit. (Today) I saw the Caitlin Sill of the beginning of the year. That was important, I think, as we get closer to postseason. Aimee (Creger) has been carrying a bigger load right now, and there have been fewer opportunities for Bailey (Erwin) and for Caitlin. She made one mistake in the first inning. We talked about that, and then she went out and threw an excellent ballgame. That was the No. 1 thing that we saw today. We gave up two in the first inning, and then we answer with five (runs). We hit the ball extremely hard. That's kind of the way we've been as a team all year. We take a lot of pride in picking up our teammates. You could tell the team wasn't going to let one mistake get them down, and I thought it was important to answer back right away."

On the balance of the offensive lineup throughout the season
"You start looking at our lineup and how balanced it is, and how many players we have with between 18 and 38 RBI. We have 10 players that are in that category. When you have that type of balance in our lineup - you're going to run into a pitcher that's going to be a tough matchup for maybe four or five players in your lineup, and that still leaves four players in our lineup that are swinging it and can do damage. That's been the key to our team.

"They set the runs record, home runs, they're close on hits. I know on base and slugging is better than it's ever been. Total bases is a record this year. I know we've gotten the triples record as well. Batting average right now is way above what it's been. So, from an offensive standpoint, and I know those are percentages and those things can change. But when you've gone through a season as far as we have, and you've done the things that they've done offensively, that's very impressive. And the pitching staff is setting records. Five losses on the year, my goodness - 40 games over .500. Just to say that, that's in some special territory right there."



On celebrating the regular season C-USA Championship on their home field
"We clinched the regular season in '09 here, but most everything else - tournament victories, other than '06 - has been clinched on the road. It was nice to allow our home crowd to give recognition to the team for that achievement. We were excited that we attained that. That's one of our goals that we set forth always, every year, is to win conference championships.

"This was the fourth championship for the seniors. We recognize anybody with four or more championships, and they still have some possibility at some others. We recognize them with a plaque that goes in our trophy case. For all six of them, they're all going to have a plaque that goes in there. There are only four in there right now. So, now six are going to join them. That says something, too, about the type of total team that you have here."