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May 22, 2008

#1 Aurelija Miseviciute (Arkansas)

#1 Aurelija Miseviciute (Arkansas) def. Taylor Ormond (Baylor), 6-1, 7-5
On the match...
"First of all, I started off from the beginning really well. It was hard yesterday because my first set was really slow. Today, I started from the first and I was into it a lot. I felt like I had a better concentration, a better focus. I don't know, it might be because it is in the morning, because I usually prefer playing in the morning rather than waiting all day. It was a tough second set, down 4-1. I got a break and got my serve back at four all, and then at the end I just finished it off with a couple good points. I am way happier with my match today than yesterday."

On turning around the second set...
"When it was 4-1, I actually started thinking I'm going to let this set go. In my mind I had already lost the second set so I was going to a third set. That kind of helped me a little to relax and finish that."

Is your game where you want it to be at this point in the tournament...
"Not yet. I talked to my coach yesterday and he told me that you always want to play every match a little bit better. You don't want to play your best tennis in the first match, and yesterday was definitely not my best tennis. Everyday you want to improve a little bit, so hopefully when you play the finals you play your best tennis there."

#2 Ani Mijacika (Clemson)

#2 Ani Mijacika (Clemson) def. Tatsiana Uvarova (VCU) 6-0, 6-3
On the match . . . "The first set was good. I started the match really good. The first game was tough, but I won the game. The first game was kind of important, then I started rolling. It was good opening set. She made some mistakes. It was really important for me to win the first set."

#3 Hilary Barte (Stanford)

Lenka Broosova (Baylor) def. #3 Hilary Barte (Stanford), 6-3, 6-2
On the match... "I thought she played pretty tough. I played pretty bad. Wasn't under the best circumstances coming in, but you got to deal with it."


Zenka Broosova (Baylor)

Zenka Broosova (Baylor) def. #3 Hilary Barte (Stanford) 6-3, 6-2
On the match . . .
"Me and my coach knew her a lot, because we played Stanford earlier in the team tournament this week. ZZ (Zuzana Zemenova) played her, so we had a video on her. We figured out the better game plan, and it helped a lot by playing her earlier in the season in February at the ITA Indoors. I was pretty confident because I beat her before at the Indoors. She's a great player, a freshman, No. 3 in the country, so I was just looking forward to a great match."

How did your match in February go against her?
"It was indoors. Her style of game fits more for indoor courts, because she's serving and volleying a lot. We played three sets there. It helped me a lot. I knew her game. Obviously, she knew mine, but I guess I knew hers better."

Who did you call after your match?
"I called my mom back home in Slovakia. My mom and dad were watching it online. She said I played so good, and she was really proud of me. She said she was kissing the screen, because she misses me so much. The last time I saw her was over Christmas, so she misses me a lot. That's why she was so excited about it. My dad was my coach, so the second question I asked was if dad was satisfied with my game, and she said yes."

#4 Maria Mosolova (Northwestern)

#4 Maria Mosolova (Northwestern) def. Chisako Sugiyami (Michigan), 6-3, 6-2
On the match...
"It was a great second round match. I played her a couple weeks ago, and though we didn't finish the match, it was 4-0 in the second set. I kind of had a game plan that I had discussed with the coaches on how she played. I think it was a good match. It was a little bit windy, so I had to adjust my game to the wind. I think I played pretty well, especially considering the conditions."