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May 23, 2008

#1 Aurelija Miseviciute (Arkansas)

#1 Aurelija Miseviciute (Arkansas) def. Laura Valverdu (Miami), 7-5, 6-1
On the match...
"In the beginning I felt like there were tough conditions out there today, it's windy. We started the match later, so I was kind of waiting around and maybe I wasn't focused from the very beginning. I was really kind of distracted by the wind and she was taking a really long time between points. I wasn't focused enough. But then, on the second set I adjusted my game to the wind and it went well."

On the effect of the wind...
"Today its hard. Yesterday was hard, but I think today the wind is stronger. We practice quite a bit in Arkansas with the wind, so I'm kind of used to it. In those windy conditions its really important that you stay strong mentally. You cannot control that, so you've got to stay tough mentally and concentrate on your game."

(#9-16) Fani Chifchieva (Auburn)

(#9-16) Fani Chifchieva (Auburn) def. #2-seed Ani Mijacika (Clemson), 6-2, 6-4
On the match...
"I came out really focused and prepared. I've been working hard all season. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but I thought I did a good job with movement and my focus on the court. I'm really proud of my effort, and I hope I can play like that tomorrow."

Had you played Ani Mijacika before?
"No. I never saw her play before. The thing about me, I don't like to know who I play or I don't like to know the person, because I'm a little nervous if I know them. I think I did a good job with my focus and just played the match."

Did you have a certain strategy?
"I just tried to keep the ball in play and really work my points, and make her work hard so I can prepare for the serve ball and finish the point. I think I id a good job with my serve. I think I had a pretty good plan for this match."

#8 Riza Zalameda (UCLA)

#8 Riza Zalameda (UCLA) def. Claire Ilcinkas (California), 4-6, 6-2, 6-4
On the match...
"It was a tough match. She played really well today. We had played earlier this year, a couple months ago. She definitely came prepared. It was windy again, that was definitely a factor in the match. I just kind of willed it today. I was mentally tougher today."


On having played Ilcinkas previously...
"I had a game plan coming into the match. I watched her yesterday and she is definitely hitting over her backhand. She used to be just slicing her backhand and it has improved a lot over the past couple months."

On being extended to three sets...
"I wish I could have shortened it to two sets, but once you lose that first set you are forced to win the third set. Its always good to win a match, it's a good confidence booster for me."