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May 22, 2008

#1 Tracey Lin-Riza Zalameda (UCLA) def. Lauren Lui-Georgia Rose (Northwestern), 6-3, 6-4

On the match...
Tracey Lin
"It wasn't a pretty match, I guess you could say, because of the wind and being the first match and all. We got the job done and that's really all that matters. We're just looking to build off that."

Riza Zalameda "It was a tough match and the wind was definitely a factor today. It was a matter of getting used to playing doubles in the wind, and even though we were here last week, all week, we haven't seen wind like this. It's definitely a good start for this tournament."

On getting the first win...
Riza Zalameda "They were a tough team. A good first round team. Tracey and I have been playing for a week now so we are pretty much broken into doubles. A good win, its always good confidence-wise to get a win under your belt."

#2 Melanie Gloria-Tinesta Rowe (Fresno State) def. Sophie Grabinski-Sanaz Marand (North Carolina), 6-3, 5-7, 6-4

On the match...
Melanie Gloria
"It was a tough match, they played well. I think we made some mistakes in the second set. We were down 4-1 pretty quickly, but then we were back at four all, then we lost five. I think we just made a few mistakes. The third set was getting close, but the last two or three games we played I think a lot better and that's what helped."

On going three sets...
Tinesta Rowe
"I think it shows how tough we are that we managed to pull it out in three sets. Here everyone wants it, but whoever will go out there and fight the hardest and stay out there and work the balls and come through, that's all that matters. So three sets or two sets, as long as you win."

#3 Brook Buck-Kelcy Tefft (Notre Dame) def. Bianca Dulgheru-Sylvia Kosakowski (Pepperdine), 4-6, 6-3, 6-4

On the match...
Brook Buck
"They definitely started off a lot more aggressive, and we were on our back feet."


Kelcy Tefft
"For the first time out I think we both played very well."

What contributed to your slow start?
Brook Buck "We haven't played a full two out of three sets in doubles in a long time. We had to play at 5 pm, and sitting and waiting may have contributed to a slow start. Hopefully, we can prevent that from happening again."

Kelcy Tefft
"Especially with the wind it's hard to stay back and try to rally."

What turned your match around after the slow start?
Brook Buck
"We have to be aggressive. Everyone here hits too big of a ball for us to be playing defensive all the time."

Did your singles match have anything to do with your slow start?
Kelcy Tefft
"I don't think so. It's hard with the wind to adjust, we've been playing indoors."

#4 Ani Mijacika-Carol Salge (Clemson) def. Megan Falcon-Mykala Hedberg (LSU), 6-4, 6-3

On the match...
Ani Mijacika
"The first set we got a few breaks, but one side was really hard to play, so it was important to win the games on that side. The second set started really good. We got a break, but they broke back and we were down, but we pulled it out."

Carol Salge
"It was really windy so it was hard to play one side of the court. We tried to be as aggressive as we could, but it was kind of hard with the wind. In the end I thought we were the most aggressive team."