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May 25, 2008

#1 Tracey Lin-Reza Zalameda (UCLA)

#1 Tracey Lin-Reza Zalameda (UCLA) def. Renata Kucerkova-Anastasia Ptukhova (Fresno State), 6-2, 6-1
On the match...
Tracey Lin
"Reza and I played really well today. We executed and pretty much stepped into our roles of me setting her up and her putting away the volleys. It was a good match. It was a good semifinal match going into the finals."

Reza Zalameda
"It was a solid match today. It was one of those days where everything was on point. We looked very sharp today with our volleys and our groundies. It looks good for the championship match tomorrow."

On being in the doubles final after winning the team championship...
Tracey Lin
"For me it's all kind of surreal. First the team was just amazing, getting that team championship. Then, I wasn't even in the doubles lineup at the beginning of the year. Only because of injuries did I start playing with Reza. Before I knew it we were number one in the nation and I was `how did that happen?'. Even when I look at the draw I'm still like `what'. I'm really enjoying it and I'm not taking it for granted. It's just a great way to end my senior year."

Reza Zalameda
"Having a championship title is already enough for both of us, but the individual title is just a bonus. We were the number one seed and we were just like `hey, that's pretty cool.' We didn't take it as any pressure or any baggage we had to carry around. We're honored to be called the number one seed. It's just a great accomplishment for us to take it this far."

Brook Buck-Kelcy Tefft (Notre Dame)

#2 Melanie Gloria-Tinesta Rowe (Fresno State) def. #3 Brook Buck-Kelcy Tefft (Notre Dame), 6-1, 7-5
On the match...
Kelcy Tefft
"We got off to a slow start and kind of picked it up at the end. The girls we played had great serves, and they held serve pretty well. We didn't break them the whole match, so there was a little bit of a struggle there. We did get broken. They're a really good team and it just wasn't our day."


Brook Buck
"Whoever was serving, the girl at the net moved well and vollied well, so they had that going for them the whole time. It's hard to win a match when you can't break serve. We were having trouble a couple times holding serve. It just wasn't our day."

#2 Melanie Gloria-Tinesta Rowe (Fresno State)

#2 Melanie Gloria-Tinesta Rowe (Fresno State) def. #3 Brook Buck-Kelcy Tefft (Notre Dame), 6-1, 7-5
On that match...
Melanie Gloria
"It was a good match today, the crowd was really against us, but we are use to it. We've played in conditions like that before. The two girls from Notre Dame (Brook Buck-Kelcy Tefft) are very good doubles pair. They don't miss a lot and they come to the net. First set we won it pretty quickly, but in the second set they started to make less mistakes. It kind of threw us a little bit off our game. We came back and then won the important game at 4-all, we broke their serve and that was key. Then we finished it up by winning my serve."

Tinesta Rowe
"I loved the crowd, it was energetic and also polite, too. They were cheering and they would also clap if we made good points, I really appreciated that. I say the girls were tough opponents. It is good to play somebody else with a different game style because they mix it up a lot, different from everyone else we played. Normally we play against either hard hitters or soft hitters, but they did both, they hit them and they lobed them. I tell you they made a lot of balls to the enemy. We were out there fighting, so it was good to come out on top today."

Talk about being in the National Championship...
Melanie Gloria
"That would be awesome. We have a chance tomorrow. We are going into the finals playing UCLA, they beat our teammates, so we will try to take revenge tomorrow and try to win that."