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2008 NCAA Tennis Championships

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#7 Seed UCLA def. #6 Seed Florida, 4-2
Monday, May 19, 2008
1.#8 Megan Alexander/Marrit Boonstra (F) vs. #1 Tracy Lin/Riza Zalameda (U)- DNF
2.#56 Elizabeth Lumpkin/Stephanie Wetmore (U) def. Whitney Benik/Csilla Borsanyi (F)- 8-3
3.#26 Alex McGoodwin/Yasmin Schnack (U) def. Julia Cohen/Anastasia Revzina (F)- 8-5
1.#8 Riza Zalameda (U) def. #29 Julia Cohen (F)- 6-2, 6-1
2.#33 Csilla Borsanyi (F) vs. #30 Tracy Lin (U)- DNF
3.#116 Megan Alexander (F) def. #42 Yasmin Schnack (U)- 6-4, 6-3
4.#54 Andrea Remynse (U) def. Whitney Benik (F)- 6-3, 6-4
5.Elizabeth Lumpkin (U) def. Marrit Boonstra (F)- 6-4, 2-6, 6-2
6.#96 Anastasia Revzina (F) def. Alex McGoodwin (U)- 6-4, 6-3

Order of Finish: Doubles- 2,3; Singles- 1, 3, 6, 4, 5



UCLA Head Coach Stella Sampras On the match...
"This was a big match for us. Being in the final four is just exciting. It was exciting to be there against Florida, who we played last year at this tournament. I knew they were going to come out fighting and our team did a great job. Winning that doubles point was huge. We came out real strong at No. 3 doubles and then No. 2 doubles took care of that court. It was a battle all the way through. The heat was definitely tough to play in and our team did a great job trying to stay hydrated and stay tough through it. We did a great job competing, Florida's a tough team. Matches that I thought we would win, we lost. In fact, matches we thought we wouldn't win, we won. Overall it was a great battle. My team has just been looking forward to this tournament all year and we are playing our best tennis. We are really excited to be in the finals now."

UCLA Player Elizabeth Lumpkin
Winning the game of your match...
"We are confident in our team. We have four seniors right now and everyone except for one player was in the finals last year, and that's a great advantage to know how competitive you need to be and the right mentality. I knew in that match in particular that she wasn't going to take any risk or chances, so it wasn't a matter of trying to wait for her to miss, it was I had to make her miss. I had several match points, but again the strategy was the right thing, I knew I just had to execute. I just kept going at it and finally got one and got my part done."

UCLA Player Riza Zalameda
Experience from last year...
"I think our experience from last year is definitely going to be an advantage for us tomorrow. We have been in this situation, like my coach said. We have that under our belt and we know what we need to do, and now we are more cohesive as a team compared to last year. Now we know what it takes. Now that we know what we need, we are going to shoot for the highest. We are looking forward to tomorrow."

Florida Head Coach Roland Thornqvist
On the match...
"I'm real proud of our players. We fought really, really hard. It looked like after we lost the doubles point that we were able to turn the momentum after maybe an hour in singles. I thought the heat got to them a little bit, but what a UCLA team. They played great. We gave them all we had and UCLA played tough, they played smart and they outplayed us, so you've got to tip your hat to them. They did a great job."

On the way the team battled...
"That's been a trademark of our team the whole year I think. We've given it all we had. At certain times during the year we actually got out of jams because we competed so well at the end. I thought we had a chance when the momentum switched a little bit there with Whitney leading in the second set. I thought we really made a run at it. You've got to give them credit, because they shut us down. The kid at four played great and the kid at five played just like she did last year. She played phenomenal tennis against us and closed it out. You've got to certainly give them all the credit in the world, they outplayed us down the stretch."


UCLA improved its season record to 23-5 . . . UCLA advances to the championship match for the sixth time in school history and the second consecutive season . . . the Bruins will be looking for their first NCAA title . . . UCLA has finished as runners-up in 2007 (Georgia Tech), 2004 (Stanford), 1991 (Stanford), 1989 (Stanford), 1982 (Stanford) since the NCAA incorporated women's sports in 1982 . . . UCLA has now won 14 of its last 15 matches with the only loss coming against PAC-10 rival Stanford on April 5th . . . this was the first match in the NCAA Tournament this season that UCLA did not post a shut-out . . . UCLA's No. 3 player Yasmin Schnack had her consecutive match winning streak stopped at 10 . . . Florida completed the season with a 24-3 record . . . Florida lost the doubles point for the first time this year after 26 straight matches of winning the doubles . . . it was also the first time that the Gators lost at No. 3 doubles after posting a 24-0 record . . . the No. 3 tandem of Julia Cohen and Anastasia Revzina dropped its first doubles match and now has a 21-1 record.

Of the four semifinalists - Baylor, California, Florida and UCLA - only UCLA has been to the championships match before. The Bruins have made five previous appearances in the championship match.

The California Bears and UCLA Bruins split the season series this year, 1-1, as each team won on the other's home court . . . UCLA leads the overall series 33-25 . . . it will be the seventh time that the women's championship match will be an all PAC-10 final (Stanford vs. UCLA four times; Stanford vs. USC two times) . . . the national champion is guaranteed to be a first-time champion . . . with two PAC-10 teams in the finals it will be the 18th time in 27 years of women's sports under the NCAA umbrella that the NCAA Tennis Champion has come from the PAC-10 Conference.

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