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2008 NCAA Tennis Championships

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#7 UCLA def. #8 California, 4-0
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
1.#1 Tracy Lin/Riza Zalameda (U) def. #12 Susie Babos-Stephanie Kusano (C)- 9-7
2.Marina Cossou/Claire Ilcinkas (C) def. #56 Elizabeth Lumpkin/Stephanie Wetmore (U)- 8-4
3.#26 Alex McGoodwin/Yasmin Schnack (U) def. #54 Bojana Bobusic/Cristina Visico (C)- 8-6
1.#8 Riza Zalameda (U) def. #20 Susie Babos (C)- 3-6, 6-3, 6-2
2.#30 Tracy Lin (U) vs. #4 Marina Cossou (C)- DNF
3.#42 Yasmin Schnack (U) vs. #35 Cristina Visico (C)- DNF
4.#54 Andrea Remynse (U) def. #40 Claire Ilcinkas (C)- 7-6, 6-2
5.Elizabeth Lumpkin (U) vs. Stephanie Kusano (C)- DNF
6.Alex McGoodwin (U) def. #92 Bojana Bobusic (C)- 6-4, 6-1

Order of Finish: Doubles- 2, 1, 3; Singles- 6, 2, 3


UCLA Head Coach Stella Sampras
On winning the national championship... "I'm not feeling anything right now. I'm so excited. Our goal was to win this. We had everyone coming back from last year so we knew we would be the favorite. This team never stopped believing in themselves. They knew they were the team to beat. Even with the best talent, it is still difficult to win the national championship."

On the play of the team's seniors...
"Our four seniors led this team. They are strong leaders. They set the one for this year."

On California advancing to the final and about the final match...
"I feel for Cal. We've been there before, going all the way to the final and you just can't get that last win. This was our year, our year to win it. We were the favorite to win. It's great to get this championship. It was a lot closer than 4-0. Every match was tight. There were tiebreakers. My team dealt with the pressure well."

On contacting brother Pete Sampras with news of the title ...
"He's very excited. He couldn't believe it. He's definitely been in touch. The family has been in touch."

UCLA Player Riza Zalameda
Playing against California's Susie Babos...
"Susie and I have been battling with each other since our freshmen year. Actually, I have been preparing for the last couple of months against lefties. So I was happy to play a lefty in the finals. It was a battle of two talented, experienced players."

On her reaction after winning the match...
"I cried a lot. I cried so much. Before I hit that last overhead ... everything culminated at that last moment. It was a moment that I have been dreaming of. I'm speechless. I couldn't ask for more."

UCLA Player Alex McGoodwin
About having to wait after winning her match earlier...
"That's the worst part (waiting). When you are done and watching your teammates, you have no control. That's probably the most nerve-wracking part of it. I was waiting (at the end) next to Tracy (Lin)'s court. I called it. I told (trainer) Carrie (Rubertino), `Riza's going to clinch.'"

California Head Coach Amanda Augustus
On the match...
"I'm guessing it was probably the longest 4-0 match ever played. Give all credit to UCLA, they were ready to play today. They definitely wanted to finish it off in comparison to last year making the final. They played to win today. We fought as hard as we could. I thought we were in every match on every court in singles and doubles, which is what I expected. We've been pretty evenly matched with teams all year. Today it was just going to take whoever had a little more heart and a little more fight. Unfortunately, we didn't have quite enough today."

On advancing this far in her first season...
"I'm really proud of this team. It's fantastic that we are able to be the first Cal team to make the finals of the team championship. I think it's just amazing for this group of seniors that have worked so hard for four years. Having a new coach at the start of this year, they just responded amazingly. They've been so much fun for me to work with and guide them. I'm proud. We didn't quite reach everything we wanted, but we were pretty darn close. I think this team, when they get over being upset that they lost this match, is going to be proud that they are going to go down in history as the first Cal women's tennis team to make the NCAA finals."

On being pushed to make the next step next year...
"It's not going to be a tough sell. They made the semifinals last year, and made the finals this year. We have a good portion of the team coming back next year. I think they are a very motivated group of young women. They are definitely going to be very hungry when we start up again in the fall. That is definitely going to be goal number one."


UCLA wins its first national championships . . . UCLA finished the season with a 24-5 record . . . the Bruins won its first NCAA Championship in its sixth appearance in the finals . . . UCLA finished the season by winning 15 of its final 16 matches with the only loss coming against PAC-10 Rival Stanford on April 5th . . . UCLA won the season series against Cal, 2-1, and holds a 34-25 advantage in the overall series . . . California completed the season with a 21-6 record . . . this was the seventh time that two PAC-10 teams were in the national championship match, as UCLA has now appeared in five of those title matches and has won its first . . . Cal lost for only the third time in its last 18 matches . . . California's No. 4 player Claire Ilcinkas has finished all six of her matches in the NCAA Tournament, and lost just her first NCAA match today to Andrea Remynse 7-6 (5), 6-2 (5-1 NCAA record).

No. 1 Tracy Lin/Riza Zalameda, UCLA
No. 2 Marina Cossou/Claire Ilcinkas, California
No. 3 Alex Goodwin/Yasmin Schnack, UCLA
No. 1 Riza Zalameda, UCLA
No. 2 Amanda McDowell, Georgia Tech
No. 3 Lenka Broosova, Baylor
No. 4 Andrea Remynse, UCLA
No. 5 Jelena Stanivuk, Baylor
No. 6 Anastasia Revzina, Florida

Most Outstanding Player: Riza Zalameda, UCLA

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