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2008 NCAA Tennis Championships

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#17-32 Arkansas def. #2 Seed Georgia, 4-2
Thursday, May 15, 2008
1.Kelley Hyndman/Yvette Hyndman (G) def. Ela Kaluder/Aurelija Miseviciute (A)- 8-5
2.Nanar Airapetian/Maryori Franco (A) def. Cameron Ellis/Naoko Ueshima (G)- 8-6
3.Audrey Bordeleau/Anouk Tigu (A) def. Monika Dancevic/Adrienne Elsberry (G)- 8-6
1.Aurelija Miseviciute (A) def. Yvette Hyndman (G)- 6-2, 7-6 (1)
2.Kelley Hyndman (G) vs. Ela Kaluder (A)- DNF
3.Anouk Tigu (A) def. Monika Dancevic (G)- 6-1, 4-6, 6-1
4.Naoko Ueshima (G) def. Maryori Franco (A)- 7-5, 6-3
5.Cameron Ellis (G) def. Nanar Airapetian (A)- 7-6 (6), 6-1
6.Delia Damaschin (A) def. Adrienne Elsberry (G)- 6-3, 6-2

Order of Finish: Doubles- 3, 2, 1; Singles- 5, 6, 4, 1, 3


Arkansas Head Coach Michael Hegarty
Impression of the third match this year against Georgia...
"You never know what is going to happen in a match until it's played. I had a very strong feeling it was going to go very long and very tight and end up at 4-3 because both teams are very evenly matched and extremely tough, and that is usually going to go down to the wire at this time in the season. We have the greatest amount of respect for Georgia and we knew it was going to take the kind of effort it took today to beat them and thankfully we had it."

On the making the Elite 8...
"It's spectacular, we have a great group of players and a great staff. We are playing in the toughest conference in the country, we are doing some very special stuff and its going in great direction and we think there are even bigger things possible at Arkansas. We are thrilled to be in the elite 8, but we know there's no team in the tournament that is a team we can't beat."

Arkansas Player Aurelija Miseviciute
On the tiebreaker...
"In my singles match I knew she was a very good player. I did expect a closer match than what it was and kind of started doubting myself thinking it can't be that easy. She came back and played really well. In the tie-breaker you never know, it is a game of luck. You play every point and see what happens."

Arkansas Player Anouk Tigu
On being overruled...
"I was over-ruled two times and she asked a lot if the ball was out, but that's part of the game, and I was able to work through that."

Georgia Head Coach Jeff Wallace
On being eliminated in the Round of 16...
"I think every team comes into the Round of 16 with great hopes of doing some special things, we certainly had those hopes. Arkansas played a great match against us today. We have to take our hat off to them, and it was unfortunate for us. We had some opportunities out there, but things just did not go our way."

On the match at No. 3 singles...
"Not only did it look like it was going to be the critical match, but it really was. It pretty much came down to that court and we had to have it. We had beaten that player twice. I thought she (Anouk Tigu) played a great first set against us, but Monika (Dancevic) found a way to win that second set to get into the third set. I felt like we were going to be able to get through that, but there are factors in sports that unfortunately you don't always have control over. She (Dancevic) was cramping in that third set and she was not able to get it done. So it was unfortunate, but Arkansas played a great match today."


This was the third meeting between SEC rivals Arkansas and Georgia this season . . . the Hogs upset the No. 2 seed Bulldogs . . . it's the first time that a No. 2 seed has lost in the round of 16 since the #1-16 seeds were established in 1999 . . . Arkansas has now won two of the three matches against Georgia this year . . . the Hogs won the first series match-up this year and Georgia won in the SEC semifinals . . . the previous scores were 4-3 . . . Arkansas won the doubles point for the third time this year in the Georgia series.

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