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Volleyball Diary Entry No. 2

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Wednesday August 11, 2004

Today was our second day of practice for the preseason. Today we had a morning practice at nine. We continued to work on ball control. We also started hitting a little, just trying to get us back into the grove of hitting the ball. We worked mostly on our back row attacks and trying to place the ball, more than we were trying to get kills. The morning practice went well, we worked hard for the two hours that we were in the gym. We had until nine that night to do whatever we needed. A lot of us finished putting together our rooms and apartments. We also slept a little; it was a rainy day so it made us a little tired. Nine at night we had conditioning, not our favorite, but it is needed to help us achieve the goals that we have set. It was difficult, but once it was over it was a good feeling to get it done with. It was a good finish to our second day of preseason.

Thursday August 12, 2004

Today started early for us. We were to meet in the Collins fitness center at 6:30am. We had conditioning for about an hour. It was early to get started, but we have some early matches this season so it was just to prepare for those early starts. After conditioning all of us went back to bed for a couple of hours. Some of us, those who were already up from our naps, met at lunch in ACAC. Lunch was good; we were refreshed from our naps, but still a little drowsy from just waking up right before we left for lunch. Those who had to continue to rehab had their appointments and worked on getting healthier. At 6:00pm we lifted. Those of us who were here last year just followed a work out given to us by Coach Burney (our strength and conditioning coach). The new comers worked with Coach Burney to learn the right technique for the lifts that we do. After weights we had practice. This practice was mainly focused on defense. We did a lot of defensive drills. After practice we had box lunches for dinner, which was nice because a lot of us were very hungry. After dinner we were let go for the rest of the night.