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Volleyball Diary Entry No. 3

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Friday August 13, 2004 Today we had the morning off since we ended later last night. We did not start until 12:30. It was nice to be able to sleep in again. The first practice for today was a little bit lighter than we have had the previous days because we were going to go harder at our night practice. The first practice we continued to work on some ball control. We also worked on getting our approaches to hit back on track. We split off into our different positions and did some hitting off of the setters. It felt good to be able to hit off of our setters again. We had until 5:00pm to relax and get our rehab finished. At our night practice we went outside to the beach courts. It was a nice change from being in the gym. We started by doing some conditioning out on the sand. Needless to say it was a good workout for our legs, especially when we started doing some block jumps. After our conditioning we played some volleyball, but the catch was that we could not hit the ball at all or else we would lose the point. This was once again to help with our ball control. Having the wind and the sun makes it a little harder to control the ball. We really enjoyed playing in the sand it was a good workout, but its hard to notice when you are having fun. After practice we had box lunches again for dinner. We then all went home, and are relaxing and preparing for tomorrow.