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Volleyball Diary Entry No. 4

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Saturday August 14, 2004 Today we had our first practice at 10:30 am. It was a nice time to start, not to early or not too late. In this practice we continued to work on our ball control. We also started doing some more drills that is more intense. We have been working into more intense drills because we have some players on our team that are still a little banged up, also because our first match is not until September 1st. It has been nice working into things a little slower because our bodies don't get too banged up before we even start playing. Once again we met out on the beach court at 5:00pm. However today we only worked on conditioning. We have a circuit that we do both inside and outside. It was harder today out on the sand trying to jump, shuffle, and just to be quick in general. It was a good workout though we all felt stronger after it is over. After we finished with our conditioning we had the rest of the night off. We also heard good news that tomorrow is also off. Sunday August 15, 2004 Today was our first off day since the beginning of two-a-days. It was nice to have the day off. I just sat around and relaxed. Even though we had the day off those needing to do rehab still had to go into the training room to get that taken care of. Today was a nice break not only for our bodies but also for our minds. It has been wonderful to just relax all day.