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Volleyball Diary Entry No. 6

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Wednesday August 18, 2004
Today was an off day for the team. It was very helpful for all of us, not only to relax after a hard day of practice on Tuesday, but also to get some stuff done before school starts. Even though we had the day off we still had to go to yoga later in the afternoon. Most of us enjoy yoga as it gives a nice stretch and also a good workout for the muscles. Our team has decided that our favorite part of yoga is the relaxation portion at the end. We were all so relaxed that we could not hear what the instructor, Kim, was saying. After yoga your body feels so nice and relaxed. Yoga was the only thing that we had to do today. I enjoyed the day off, I had plenty of time to run a lot of the errands that I needed to do before school starts next week. Thursday August 19, 2004
We were back in the gym today. We started our first practice at 10 in the morning. It was a little hard to get started this morning for all of us. Our practice was not looking good at first, but eventually we woke up and started to play a little better. After practice coach put us in pairs. He told us that we had from that point until we had weights that evening to go for a 45 minute run around Tulsa. However, if we were injured we had to go ride the bike in the training room for an hour. We were to go hard on the bike so that we could get a good sweat going, after a while your legs and rear end starts to go numb for sitting for so long. It was a good work out and helps all of us to get in shape so that we can stay strong for long matches. At 2 p.m., we had to go get our books for our classes. It was a bad reminder that school is going to start in less than a week. At 6 p.m., we had weights followed by another practice. The evening practice went better as we were playing better than we did during the morning session. We are starting to do more rally type drills to get us more prepared for playing matches. We look alright, but we know that it will just take time for us to really start looking like the good team that we are. After practice we all went home and are going to bed to get prepared for tomorrow.