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Volleyball Diary Entry No. 7

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Friday August 20, 2004

After a late night on Thursday we were supposed to report for practice at nine in the morning. When we got to the gym this morning for practice we were told that practice was moved to eight at night. We were all a little upset for getting up what felt like so early in the morning. However, those that needed to do rehab went ahead and got that done so that we had the rest of the day off, at least until practice that night. After rehab I went back to bed for a while. For the rest of the day I just relaxed and laid around since I had everything done. It felt good to just hang out and do nothing, especially since school is going to start soon and we are going to begin playing and traveling. During the season you do not get as much time to do nothing as you would like. We started practice at eight. Practice went well, we are continuing to work on drills that pull everything together and makes us play together. As each practice goes on we are starting to look better. After practice was over coach had told us that Saturday and Sunday were off all we had to do was in our groups we had to run for 45 minutes or those who cannot run due to injuries had to bike for one hour and fifteen minutes each day. It was surprising to hear that we had the weekend off from practice, but we were all happy to hear that all we had to do was our conditioning.

Saturday August 21, 2004

Today was an off day besides doing our conditioning in our groups. I slept in today; it felt so good to get a good night sleep and not having to wake up to the alarm. My group was planning on doing our conditioning at one in the afternoon, but since we had to ride the bike we could not get into the training room until later, and the fitness center was closed. We ended up doing our conditioning at 5:30 the time that we also had rehab, so we knew that we were going to be able to get into the training room to bike. After we finished our conditioning and rehab we had to hurry to get ready to go to the football scrimmage. After the scrimmage was over we were to go down on the field and sign and pass out our posters for this year. Last year not that many people came up to our table, but this year a lot of people came up to get our posters. It was fun to see all of the little kids getting excited to receive a poster from us. After we finished signing and handing out the posters the rest of the night was off.

Sunday August 22, 2004

Once again we had today off except for our conditioning. Today my group and I decided to do our conditioning at 3:30 in the afternoon. That gave us some time to sleep in and do whatever we needed. We did our conditioning in the training room again. Today's conditioning did not seem as long because we watched the U.S women's volleyball team play Cuba. It was a good match. After conditioning we went home and had dinner. At seven we had an all athletes meeting we went over everything from tickets to media relations, you know the same old stuff. Now our two-a-days are over and being a senior it was the last time that I would have to do two-a-days. It's a little sad yet mostly exciting that I will not have to go through two-a-days again. This is also my last journal entry, it has been fun giving you an idea of what we as volleyball players go through during two-a-days. It is not too exciting but at least you have an idea of what a collegiate athlete does during the preseason.



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