Tulsa Hurricane
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History Of Golden Hurricane

A Hurricane In Tulsa?
The origination of The University of Tulsa nickname - Golden Hurricane - came in 1922. A new football coach, Howard Acher, came to town and inherited a slew of nicknames dating back to 1895.

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Past Tulsa teams were referred to as Kendallites, Presbyterians, Tigers, Orange and Black, and Tulsans. In the fall of 1922, the team nickname was "Yellow Jackets," which was apparently due to the fact that the team was wearing new black and yellow uniforms instead of the traditional orange and black.

The team opened the season and it was apparent that Tulsa was going to have a great year, and trying to seize some publicity for his team, Acher wanted to find a new nickname quickly.

After a remark was made in practice one day about "roaring through opponents," and because of their new jersey colors, he thought of Golden Tornadoes. However, he quickly found out that the name had been taken by Georgia Tech a few years earlier. From the tornado, he evolved meteorologically to the hurricane. A few days before the team left for a game against Texas A&M, Acher asked the squad to vote on the name, and thus "Golden Hurricane" was born.

Story of Captain 'Cane

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The Captain `Cane story goes like this . . . Colin Cane, a freshman at The University of Tulsa, worked in IT support at night to help pay his way through college. During an electrical storm one night, Colin was called to the TU sports complex to fix a malfunctioning satellite that was broadcasting a live game. Never again would he watch his favorite team in action as a mere mortal. As he adjusted the satellite, the roar of the crowd coursed through the transmitter just as it was zapped with static electricity from the storm. Colin became entangled in a web of cyber-athletic forces. The atmospheric oddity known as a "binary vortex" mutated Colin over the course of several years. He eventually lost his hair but gained super-human powers. Thus he became Captain `Cane, a champion athlete and highly educated zealot of all things TU.